Student Trial Software installation and reinstallation difficulties

Idea created by dthughes on Aug 25, 2014
    • dthughes
    • rchasan
    I teach two sections of GIS basics -- an elementary and advanced.  Students rely on the ArcGIS that comes with their textbooks.  Every semester we have trouble because many of the students cannot easily get a clean and complete uninstall of the now-expired version of ArcGIS. That means when they try to authorize the new installation, they get a failure due to previous installation.   Andrew O of ESRI Support offered a straightforward workflow solution that seems to have worked.  A student found the following:  patch via a microsoft support site that also seems to work:

    from here you can use Microsoft Fix to clean the ESRI registry codes out.

    I subbested to Andrew that some sort of workflow recommendation either published in the textbooks or clearly linked from the software download/authorization pages might be a real blessing since I suspect that more than just my two small classes face this issue every semester.