Alter the “Parcel Division” tool to allow you to split a parcel by area into 2 pieces.

Idea created by Jhorton-esristaff Employee on Aug 21, 2014
    • jeffstorlie
    • Kandace454
    • gundekjg
    A common workflow for parcel editing is to split a parcel into two pieces.  One piece has a specified area, and the other piece is the remainder.  For example, when splitting a parcel, the East piece should be .2 acres, and the  West piece should be what is left over.

    The "Parcel Division" tool appears to only have this functionality if the parcel is to be divided into at least three pieces (2 pieces of a specified area, and 1 remainder parcel).  Actually, you can accomplish this task by typing a 1 into the "Number of Parts" dropdown list, even though the minimum selectable value is 2.

    Specifically, I am requesting:
    1. Alter the Parcel Division tool to include a valur of 1 in the "Number of Parts" dropdown list.
    2. Document this procedure so editors can easily figure out how to accomplish this task.