Replace and upgrade current reporting tools

Idea created by deleted-user-eL1mKkp8gJc9 on Aug 13, 2014

    This is a suggestion to improve data reporting tools for feature classes and tables in ArcGIS


    The Problem:
    With more and more authoritative data housed in GIS feature classes there needs to be a way to generate repeatable, highly customziable, and easily configurable reports. Currently the table reporting tool is very anitquated and difficult to use.


    This UI is basically impossible




    The Solution:
    Implement a more modern, drag-and-drop report creation tool similar to Tableau.


    I don't think that I could come close to creating this report using the current report tools




    Many reporting tools have already been developed in the Operations Dashboard product. If those reporting tools (along with some more advanced configuration options) were migrated to a table reporting tool you'd have a lot of functionality already built.


    If your organization is willing to shell out the money for Tableau you can use their reporting tools straight from Esri databases. However, we're paying so much for ArcGIS already it's only sensible to include usable reporting tools.