Allow Customization of AGOL Get Directions Link

Idea created by johnmdye on Aug 13, 2014
    • johnmdye
    So, I hate to say it, but the "Get Directions" link in AGOL is worthless.

    No one wants a static list of directions in this day and age.

    We want turn-by-turn directions. I realize ESRI is working on this functionality, but until it is released, ESRI needs to allow me to customize that link (or hide it) so that I can make a simple URL call to Google Maps to navigate them to the location.

    This is especially important when you are using Collector or another ArcGIS Mobile App that connects to AGOL. Really, what is the purpose of a static list of directions? There is no use for that. Worse, it creates a hazard if a user were to actually try and use that list of directions because they have to keep looking at their device and reading the directions. Get rid of it or let me customize it.