mixed format text - scientific names within descriptions

Idea created by brianwhitecadres on Aug 10, 2014
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    Need ArcGIS to recognise text that has been formatted in Microsoft Word or Excel.

    We have descriptions for flora and fauna communities that contain scientific names which must be displayed wtih italic and non italic text.

    eg W3 - Woodland of Eucalyptus oleosa subsp. oleosa and Eucalyptus lesouefii with occasional Eucalyptus celastroides and Eucalyptus salubris over Cratystylis conocephala over Olearia muelleri, Atriplex vesicaria and Santalum acuminatum over Rhagodia crassifolia, Zygophyllum apiculatum and Sclerolaena diacantha over other mixed shrubs and herbs on orange-brown clay-loams on flats and slopes.

    The data is already formatted in Word / Excel and is very time consuming to edit to include the appropriate code (such as <ITA> </ITA> etc)