Want to be able to control what Basemaps are used with new web application templates

Idea created by warice on Aug 1, 2014
    With ArcGIS Online for Organizations, an organization can control what basemaps the organization will use thru the use of the Basemap Gallery option.  This option is found under My Organization > Map.  All of the original Esri web application templates like the Basic Viewer (now named the "Classic Basic Viewer) honored and used the Basemap Gallery option.  Many of the new web application templates like the new "Public Information" and "Information Lookup" do not use the AGOL Basemap Gallery option and only use a list of Esri basemaps.  These new templates are very nice and have a lot of nice specific functionality.  We need to be able to control what basemap content is suitable for our users.  Please provide support for the existing AGOL Basemap Gallery option or provide to existing Esri customers another means of controlling what basemaps are provided to the user.