ESRI UC Conference App upgrade

Idea created by RobertBuck on Jul 29, 2014
    • RobertBuck
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    I am sorry, but I have to say that I found the ESRI UC event app to be quite dissapointing. I found it slow, hard to find information and hard to use content that I had configured (e.g. sessions that I flagged for my planner). The map was next to worthless, as trying to use it was frustrating - it was slow, it seemed to crash with some regularity, and often didn't show a given location, for instance, when a session 'map button' was pressed.

    I was in a session involving one of the JSAPI developers, who had created a plain text feed of all of the events, sessions, etc. My suggestion is to either go with something simpler (like the afore mentioned home-grown feed) in the future  or perhaps to go with something like 'Feathr' (or some other 3rd party conference app). Thanks.....