Bring back Forum

Idea created by jonasminformi-dk-esridist Employee on Jul 24, 2014
    Sorry to say, but GeoNet is not a good solution for people wanting a fast answer via other peoples comments. It takes forever to log on, especially if you are a distributor! You have to got through 4 steps just to get in to GeoNet. And then you actually have to go back again, because GeoNet does not remember which blog or article you wanted to see efter you logged in.
    Sometimes GeoNet does not remember that you have logged in before, so you have to go through the same steps again.
    Furthermore a lot of the old posts in forums are missing in GeoNet, and they are not available anymore! So we are missing a lot of very important information and know how! Even posts that you have created yourself in the forums, can be missing. Simply not good enough.

    So please bring back the forums, at least as a backup until GeoNet is running without these devastating errors.