Bring back the forums and make geonet more like facebook

Idea created by Jerry_G on Jul 17, 2014
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    For some of us the forums were the goto for any issues we were having with esri products.  I learn more from the forums then I do anywhere else.  I took the time to read over how GeoNet works and set up my feeds.  I still think it is a poor substitute for the forums. 

    My solution: Bring back the old forums and keep geonet. Make geonet into a the facebook thing you are trying to make but keep the forums for the folks who need answers fast to questions.  Folks like myself that use GIS for a living. Even with setting up groups and feeds it takes way too long to find what I am looking for not to mention why there is so little screen space used and I am constantly having to open and collapse replies.  For us time is money and trying to navigate around this poorly QCed product is really upsetting.  I am sure there are lots of people that are new to GIS or like to write blogs and share content and for that geonet is probably a good idea.