Add Field Maps to the Fields Tab of Layer Properties and a simple string Info Template format option to the HTML Popup in ArcMap and GisServer

Idea created by sarawander on Jul 16, 2014
    • awilliford
    • sarawander
    • pranav198
    • mping
    It would be very helpful to be able to define a simple InfoTemplate format string in ArcMap like the ones used in the ArcGIS Online maps and the InfoTemplates in the JavaScript API for GisServer. This could be assigned in the HTML Popup Tab of Layer Proerties. It should be honored in ArcMap identify actions and optionally honored in REST API search operations, so query operations for instance could return the formatted string result if an option is enabled in the request. For example, if includeFormattedResult is true in the query request, each record of the response would include a formattedValue member that holds the formatted result. The formatted result could also function as part of the HTML Popup Resource in the REST API. However, the HTML Popup Resource is a little clumsy to use if you want to show dozens of formatted results at once since each has to be a separate request, whereas, if the search operations returned the formatted result, only one request would be needed to pull many formatted records.