Extend Service Workspaces tool so it can summarize workspace references for an entire folder of services or even all services at a GisServer

Idea created by sarawander on Jul 16, 2014
    • awilliford
    • sarawander
    • pranav198
    To assist in the maintenance of GisServer services, it would be extremely useful if there was a Service Workspaces tool option at the folder and GisServer root levels, so multiple map services could be analyzed at once for workspace references. The tool is currently available for each service, but with many services, it is still time consuming to find all references to a specific SDE layer for instance. When it is necessary to know which map services contain a certain SDE layer, the Service Workspaces tool could quickly be run across all services on a GisServer to find which services contain which SDE layer references if it was an option at the folder levels. So, the tool would need to also show not just the workspace reference, but also the service name, layer display name and id or index. Alternatively, a new tool option called Search could be added at the GisServer root level and each folder and service, that allows you to specify an SDE layer name or a layer display name and then reports the service name, layer display name and layer id or index, and the workspace reference of each occurrence. In fact, this would be even better.