Add Input Parameter to Resolve Road Conflict Tool

Idea created by swissgis3084 on Jul 11, 2014
    • swissgis3084
    In the Process of generalizing map data, the Resolve Road Conflicts Tool has very few controllable parameters whereas the Resolve Building Conflicts Tool allows to control gap, minimum size, barrier features, etc. I wish to have a controllability for roads at least as good as for buildings. We use this tool to resolve conflicts in all our line featureclasses.
    My wishlist for christmas for controllable parameters for the Resolve Road Conflict Tool would be:
    - control minimum displacement distance of roads based on field values (e.g. i want to define that a hiking trail demands for a lower minimum distance to a neighbouring feature than a freeway)
    - define if parallel snapping is allowed or not (the tool snaps parallel road features adjecant to each other if parallelism is detected)
    -locked features (with a Hierarchy value of "0") should actually be locked: They must not be displacable at all (at the moment their end vertices may still be moved around).
    -control whether shape geometries have to be maintained or not.

    Thank you