ArcGIS Mobile - Bring back Get Data by Extent

Idea created by on Jul 10, 2014
    • rdalaqua
    • seliverstov
    We have a number of ArcGIS Mobile projects that were held back at version 10 due to customizations and logistics / timing of upgrading.  I recently had request for two new project so I thought I would use 10.2.  I was shocked that the functionality to limit the amount of data requested during 'Get Data' was gone. 


    All of our projects cover a very large geographic area and often the speed of network connections is an issue.  Loss of that out of the box functionality is a killer for us and will also impact our ability to upgrade older projects still running on 10.0.

    Please bring back the ability to get data for defined extents.  In fact I would have thought this functionality would have been even further developed in later releases to allow Get Data by current map extent or even a selected feature (ie. polygon).