Clearing Portal Scale Visibility Range

Idea created by Yewtaah on Jul 9, 2014
    • Yewtaah
    Clearing out service scale range visibility is great - allows you to do things that would otherwise mean publishing additional services against the same data.  For example, this fire hydrant service ( has a fairly narrow visible scale range:


    If I want to see these at additional scale ranges, one option is the adjust the visiblity range.  I can view these hydrants at any scale range by simply clicking the "Clear" button.  Problem is when you re-open the map the scale range from the map service has been re-imposed.

    This is happening because clearing the scale range actually removes the scale range from the Portal configuration in the Web Map (i.e. no override).  Instead it should set it to 1:1 & 1:really big number.

    if you set the values instead of clearing them it seems to work - problem is 9 out of 10 people are clearing the scale range to see more data.  They save their map, then come back in and the data is gone again.

    This idea is to have the "Clear" button actually stick from one session to the next by saving something in the Web Map that says to show all data, not revent back to the map service default.