Add product specific "Spaces" to the GeoNet website

Idea created by RudinA on Jul 9, 2014
    • kreuzrsk
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    • RudinA
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    It would be helpful if there was a way to search GeoNet for items relating to specific products.  Looks like the 'Spaces' is the appropriate place since only the GeoNet admins can create those.  These would be places where people who work with a specific product can ask a quesion.

    What I loved about the old forums is if I had a problem getting WMX to do what I needed, I could find exact forum to post my question on and know that other WMX experts (including the WMX team at ESRI) was watching that forum and responding to questions.  My problems always seem to be product specific, so having forums that organized that way makes the most sence to me. 

    At the least, if you are going to go with the Facebook/Twitter style community, make some official hashtags for all the products so people can use uniform tags.   Two different people using the tag JTX and WMX for the same product is a good example