Proposed improvements for accuracy of results of Mosaic geoprocessing tool

Idea created by emaglanque on Jun 26, 2014
    • emaglanque
         It would be nice if the Mosaic geoprocessing tool would maintain/retain the coordinates of the center of the pixels as well as the pixel dimensions of the target raster.
         Since we want to "add" the pixels of the input raster/s and in so doing, 
         a) resize the input pixels to have the same dimensions as that of the target pixels,
         b) relocate the pixel centers of the input raster's so that the "align" (conform to the column-row configuration) to the pixels of the target raster
         Since the target raster would contain the mosaicked images, we want every other raster image to be "added" to the target raster.
         Besides, the target raster is regarded as the "base" image.
         I suggest that, the target raster not be displaced/relocated vertically (by the resampling process) 
         down/south by 2.161 meters, in my case, just to account for the 2.5 cm vertical offset between pixels of input and target rasters. while the pixel Eastings were maintained in spite of the horizontal pixel misalignment of around 0.34 m.
         Because of this, the original top row is displaced down one ro w and a new row of black pixels is added.
         I suggest the following: (if feasible)
         a) that the target raster not be resampled
         b) the input rasters be scanned so as to extract the extents of each and to ultimately define the extents of the mosaicked image,
         c) create a duplicate copy of the target raster file
         d) create a temporary blank output raster and copy the pixels from the target raster
         e) for each input raster, recalculate the new pixel centers to find out where they should be located located on the  output raster
         f) when completed, rename the temporary output raster to the name of the target raster.

         A similar observation is also noted with the Mosaic to New Raster tool, but without the addition of a new row of black pixels.