Parcel Fabric: warn if trying to edit a version that is not a child of the default version

Idea created by lygismav on Jun 25, 2014
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    I have a new person who will be working on our parcels.  I set up a version for him which is a child of my qaqc version, and a grandchild of our default version.  He could start editing the parcels, but all the parcel construction tools were disabled.

    When I couldnt edit anything I decided to call technical support.  The person was helpful and thorough.  We checked the drivers, and the permissions, the services, etc.  After a while he rememberd that unlike other feature classes the parcel fabric can only be edited if it is the default version or a child of a default version.  Therefore editing on the grandchild of the default version would  not work.

    Feature request:
    Display a warning if we are trying to edit a parcel fabric that is not the default or a child of the default version, that is until it is possible to edit the parcel fabric using a grandchild version.