S-57 Inland ENC 2.3 Standard Needed in Data Interoperability Software

Idea created by ddodson_GAB on Jun 25, 2014
    • ddodson_GAB
    This is for the Data Interoperability Extension and it's S-57 data format.  Need the ability to read Inland ENC Standard 2.3 veersion of S-57 data in a workbench session.  Currently the software schema for this is at Inland ENC 2.0 standard.  Many nations use S-57 data on Inland rivers and the current standard is Inland ENC 2.3.  This standard is documented here: http://ienc.openecdis.org/.  This standard is used by the Inland Electronic Navigational Charts (IENC) program of the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Any further questions, please contact me:

    Dale K. Dodson
    US Army Corps of Engineers
    (703) 428-3682