Parcel Fabric Plans Legal Start Date Transfer

Idea created by fellj on Jun 25, 2014

    The plans table has a relationship with the parcels table within the parcel fabric. Although plans are logically represented as rows in a table, they are later characterized by the parcel(s) related to them.

    plans may be related to one or more parcels

    For example, when I open the plan directory and use the list by current map extent I see a list of all plans that have parcels within the map extent.

    the plan directory and current map extent

    One enhancement that would streamline data entry, particularly for organizations concerned with the legal start and end date attributes, is the transfer of the legal date field on the plan to each parcel that is subsequently attached to the plan. When a new parcel is created in the plan the legal start date will be populated based on the attribute in the plan directory. Another worfklow might include parcel editor tools such as construct from parent. In this case, if the parcel is in a plan with a legal date attribute that is already populated, executing a construct from parent operation would give the editor the option to mark parent parcels as historic using the legal date attribute as the legal end date.

    This would greatly reduce human and typographical errors and time in populating this attribute for each parcel or a selected set of parcels.