Save Pop-up configuration to the Portal Item (Map Service) instead of just in the web map

Idea created by tchandrasekhar on Jun 23, 2014
    In ArcGIS Portal's web map viewer, every time I add a map service Portal Item - the pop-ups are not enabled. I need to go click on each item I want, enable pop-ups and then choose to configure what attributes I want to see, whether I want a pretty, descriptive text, chart etc. 
    Then, if that item is used in another web map - all that is lost.

    Here's my idea.
    1. When we register the map service with portal, allow us to configure the pop-up state (enabled or not) for each sub-layer, along with the configuration. This would then be the default state. When a user add that to the web map - they will not need to wonder why they don't see anything when they click

    2. When the item is added to the web map - allow users to change the configuration or disable popups for the web map - but the default state is still available for others who use the map service