ArcCatalog takes too long to start and locks whatever file or layer it is touching on startup

Idea created by parish_ru on Jun 18, 2014
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    Right now if I need to make changes to a layer definition in ArcCatalog (processes that cannot be done while layer is visible in ArcMap) I have to close ArcMap, open ArcCatalog (which takes forever), make change, close ArcCatalog, re-open ArcMap.  I can't even open ArcCatalog because it will automatically tie up whatever I had been examinging last.

    Another example that necessiates this change is making changes to Excel spreadsheet in order to geocode addresses.  Normally I start geocoding, find in initial run that a bunch of addresses need to be reformatted (can't do that in ArcCatalog!) and so exit ArcCatalog, open Excel, make the change, close Excel, restart ArcCatalog (takes forever) run it again, find another group of addresses that would be far more easily fixed in Excel and have to do the whole thing again.  I end up having to close and re-open Excel and ArcCatalog 3 to 20 times depending on how bad the addresses are. (Examples of batch fix in Excel - fxiing a bunch of street names all spelled incorrectly (main spelled mian for instance)).  ArcCatalog takes so long to open that this constant close and re-open becomes very tediuos.

    Call me if you this isn't a clear description plase.