Allows Group owners to set a default type(s) of items (maps, apps, etc) that are visible to group end users.

Idea created by EMarshall-esristaff Employee on Jun 12, 2014

    We can currently filter types of items in groups with the content  filter under the group content. This is nice, but I would argue is not always intuitive to end users. Perhaps the group owner should be able to set a default item(s) type to show up for group members. For example, an end user logging in to access the one app they need may be confused by seeing services, web maps, etc that are all shared to the group (and needed for the app to function properly). Perhaps the group owner should be able to change the default type of items for that group to 'apps', so the real end user product is all group members see when browsing the group. This would eliminate the need for end users to filter content inside the group.