Parcel editing:  delete line rather than making "Un-buildable"

Idea created by rkelso on Jun 11, 2014
    • jeffstorlie
    • mhillig1
    • rkelso

    I find that when constructing a parcel from parent(s), flagging lines as Un-buildable is, more often that not, simply annoying.  Most of the time I just want the lines gone.  Deleted.  Out of my face.  It's too much clutter on the screen when you're doing anything remotely complex.  Sometimes the un-buildable lines are even covering up or being covered up by other lines so you can't get a clear view of your construction.  You can end up with errors when you try to build the parcel because of this, or even end up with something you weren't expecting.  The option to delete OR flag un-buildable would be a big improvement.