Allow users opening a web map to remove services that will not draw correctly

Idea created by millerc on Jun 10, 2014
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    Many web maps use authoritative web services from multiple sources. For various reasons beyond the control of the author of the web map, certain web services/layers will not draw.  When this happens, the end user sees a default message... "The Layer _________ can not draw" and a long delay before displaying the same message again. The map will eventually load without the service that is down. However before the map fully loads, the end user will often give-up using the web map when viewing the default message and experiencing the delay.
         There should be a way for end users to quickly load a web map that references a bad web service. I'm not sure exactly how but one suggestion is to allow the author to choose a setting that allows the web maps to open immediately/bypassing services that are not working. At the minimum, change the default message to something meaningful…something that gives them hope that the web map will open upon waiting patiently.