Hide items from being visible in groups, even if they are shared with the group.

Idea created by EMarshall-esristaff Employee on Jun 10, 2014
    Many times we need to share maps or services to groups, but we don't really need them to be visible to users when scrolling through a group. For example, we often need to share a map and service to a group, but the real end-user product is going to be the operations dashboard we are going to author. 

    Groups can get filled up with services and maps (not necessarily end user products) and can be confusing to end-users--especially if they are not GIS users. Since items are often based on one another, it would be nice to be able to choose the end product that is to be shared to the group, even though the background permissions still need to occur to make the map and services available to the app or dashboard.

    When sharing items to groups, we should be able to choose whether the item will be visible in group or just searchable, or both.
    This gives the group administrator more control over what the end products are to be shared and visible when people look inside groups.