ArcGIS needs an agent

Idea created by rgrichards on Jun 9, 2014
    The ArcGIS "solution" heavily relies on user interaction and this consumes time, resources and in many practices completely unnessary. Consider creating an ArcGIS agent that can handle the most basic of tasks to some of the more advanced. 

    The agent would contain a scheduler, a batch process and be fully aware of the ArcGIS solution and all software products in the umbrella. Below is a list of tasks could be potential candidates for the agent to handle as they are rather silly for an adminstrator to be dealing with into today's environments and very manual by nature or require scripting and a scheduling agent. 
    •           Automatically rebuild Address locators based on edits in SDE
    •           Automatically refresh and publish Address locators
    •           Automatically reconcile or post versions
    •           Automatically synchronize replica
    •           Automatically publish a list of validated map services
    •           Schedule python or geoprocessign tasks
    •           Schedule Cache refresh based on SDE Edits or Archiving
    •           Map Service offline or other critical errors
    •           Manage dependancies between map services and geodatabases
    It should contain logging, reports, email alert capability, fully maintain  and communicate system dependancies.