Summarize by Median

Idea created by webekeit on Jun 6, 2014

    I use the summarize tool quite a bit but need MEDIAN calculated often.  The tool I am referring to is within  ArcMap and when you have an attribute table open. If you click one of the field labels you can ask for a summary (see below).  

    This summary will then group records together and calculate summary statistics for each group.  For example if I have a feature class describing all cities across the US (assume the cities layer has state field and a population field), I can summarize by STATE and learn what the average population is for the cities in each state (my output table will have 50 records). It is very useful to also see the MEDIAN value as it is a resilient statistic and often far more informative.  i would reallly like to see the option to calculate MEDIAN as part of the SUMMARIZE tool.