Make default focus for the Output directory dialog the selection window

Idea created by pmoulden on May 30, 2014
    • pmoulden
    • rchasan

         Currently, whenever you are chosing the directory where data will be saved or moved, the focus defaults to the "Look in:" drop down which means if you try to vertical scroll it will rapidly change the folder connection you are looking in.  If all of your folder connections are local I guess this wouldn't be much of an issue but if you're like me you have some folder connections that map to directories on servers that are located on different contents.  This means that when I accidentally scroll through my folder connections it causes everything to stop responding and occasinally crashes ArcMap (v10.2.2).

         From my perspective I'm going to guess that 90% of the time people are trying to chose a file location that is in the folder connection that is already selected so it would make more sense to take them directly to the folder selection portion of the dialog.