Register Tile Layers as an item

Idea created by OEvans-esristaff Employee on May 29, 2014
    • tmichael81
    Current support of tile layers in ArcGIS Online only provides the ability to add a tile layer (e.g., MapBox, MapQuest, etc.) directly to a web map in the map viewer (Add > Layer from web > Tile Layer).  Every time a tile layer is added you need to provide a parameterized URL, title, credits, subdomains, etc., which makes the process for reusing tile layers in different web maps tedious (since all this infomration must be entered every time any tile layer is used).

    It would be helpful to be able to register a tile layer as an item, entering all the appropriate information in once upon initial registration.  This would enable the ability to search for that layer item and easily add it to any web map.