Metadata Upgrade - Process elements in document order

Idea created by danelle on May 28, 2014
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    It would be lovely to have the order of repeating elements maintained from my standalone FGDC xml metadata file after it is imported and upgraded into the ArcGIS Metadata format. 

    There are data discovery systems, specifically ESRI's Geoportal, that require a specific order for items like keywords and online linkages to function. It is a huge oversight on ESRI's part to require element order in one of their applications, but not enforce it in another. 

    Example: An xml record destined for Geoportal must have a keyword with thesaurus of "ISO 19115 Topic Category" and a valid 19115 keyword as the first theme keyword in the xml file. If there are other keywords present with other thesauri, the order of the keys gets changed on a metadata upgrade, such that the 19115 keywords are now listed second or third (random order). That record will not be discoverable by it's 19115 keyword if uploaded to Geoportal after an upgrade and export. 

    The guidance in this help topic seems to elude that it is possible to process the xml in document order, but it was not configured to run that way, because xml element order generally doesn't matter. However, for other ESRI products, it does matter.