Splitting nodes and topological editing

Idea created by dupree on May 28, 2014
    • dupree
    • zilvinas_esri
    You used to be able to used keyboard keys to constrain  topological selections: 'E' for edge and 'N' for node and 'S' for splitting nodes. These keyboard keys don't  seem to work anymore as of v10.

    Splitting nodes as of V10 is much harder: you can  still move a topological node to a new location by setting snapping options and by carefully punching the mouse key  while using the Topology Edit Tool to get  just a node and an  adjacent edge. But,  now, when  you relocate the node, the ENTIRE EDGE between the split node and the node on the other end of the edge -  moves. Verrry bad. So, after you split  and move the node, you have to go and reshape the whole edge now. Pre-version 10, when you split a node, only the edge segment between the split node and the nearest vertex on the edge moved. Way less editing that way. Could we have all this stuff back? I routinely have to edit hydrologic basin boundaries that have a topological relationship between lines and polygon basin boundaries. This post v10 extra editing and no more keyboard keys really hurts.