New arcpy geometry method to give bearing between 2 points

Idea created by helyxsisltd on May 21, 2014
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    Could we have a couple of very simple new methods on arcpy geometry objects that will calculate the bearing between 2 points, or the bearing from the start to the end point of a line?

    arcpy.PointGeometry.getBearing(PointGeometry secondPoint)

    Results should be based on loxodromes, so that they are good for ships / aircraft traversing the globe, and not just local navigation.

    Also, could we have a method that will generate a second point from a first point, given bearing and distance?

    arcpy.PointGeometry.getPointFromDistAndBearing(Double dist, Double bearing)

    At the moment, the only way to do such things, without doing the trigonometry yourself, is to create feature classes, drop the geometries into them, and call tools - a little unwieldy for such simple tasks.