Parcel Fabric: Consider Adding Survey Type

Idea created by lygismav on May 20, 2014

    Surveys are ofcourse a very important part in maintaining parcel accuracy, and control, but I do not think there is currently a really good place to put them in the parcel fabric for the following reasons:

    A survey is a collection of interconnected lines that may become polygons.  As far as I am aware, The Parcel Editor is designed to store areas that might have point of origin lines.

    • How to we map a survey that is for a linear only feature such as the centerline of a road?

    A survey never really becomes historic, or merged.  It does not function like a regular parcel.

    A survey is not a tax parcel, or a lot parcel, or even a subdivision.  Instead it should be used to create these types of parcels.

    A surveys geography should NEVER change: features such as merge courses should be disabled.

    A survey may contain measured and recorded values.  The parcel fabic does not impliment this.