ArcGIS for Windows Mobile:Save layer schema when run Create Mobile Cache tool

Idea created by yuki_ozawaesrij-esridist Employee on May 19, 2014
    There is the explanation about the schema of the map layers data source in “Synchronize Mobile Cache” tool reference help.

    This tool synchronizes a mobile cache and its associated attachments (if available) with its data source via a map document; this map document is the one that the mobile cache is extracted from. When the tool synchronizes changes between a mobile cache and the map document, it determines whether or not the map document has the same schema as the mobile cache schema by comparing their checksums. The checksum is calculated based on the schema of the selected map layers' data source. If the schema has been changed, you will not be able to synchronize changes.

    When the user who does not know this changes layer schema, he can never synchronize in mobile cache. Mobile Cache Tools should output the file which wrote down layer schema information at the time of create mobile cash to be able to undo the layer schema later.