Basemap enhancement

Idea created by WestmorelandGIS on May 14, 2014
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    The basemaps that ESRI provides on ArcGIS Online have made the process of creating a map easier than ever. However, I've run across a problem where the basemaps are only really useful when working with Point or Polyline data.

    I was recently tasked with creating a map featuring large polygons representing school districts. The end-user desired to be able to view the street network as well as the districts. The only way that I've found this possible was to make the polygons slightly transparent. Unfortunately, this mutes the polygon fills, and still masks a large portion of the street networks and scale-dependent labels for route numbers.

    My suggestion would be to have a "basemap" of only the street network and the scale-dependent labels. Having the network without any terrain or fill would be great, but ultimately useful only if the "basemap" could be raised to the top of the layer list's drawing order. That way we can have a tapestry of polygons and easily add the road network on top of them to give the end-user a sense of place.