Enhancement to Multidimension Tools toolbox

Idea created by spearst on May 14, 2014
    • spearst

    When you manually connect to a netCDF file using the toolbox using the netCDF to Table View function (as one example), the structure is read and is available within the function itself.

    It would be useful is to encapsulate the netCDF open/read functionality such that the dimensions, attributes, and variables can be exposed to allow the user to read and store the netCDF structural information in standalone variables in order to be able to work with them directly.
         For example, I am developing a model workflow to extract specific variables from a very large number of netCDF files. There is some variation in the available variables across files, so I need to be table to test for the presence of sepcific variables in adavance of configuring netCDF Table View. Otherwise, requesting a non-existent variable would cause the function to crash.
         Having the ability to programmatically read/export/etc. the structure and content of a netCDF file would provide other benefits (evaluating consistency in structure/content across files).
         Although it is possible to achieve much of this using the netCDF Java libraries, it woulfd be nice to be able to elveage the facilities already inplace (by not exposed) within the Multidimension Tools toolbox.