Customize Basemap Thumbnails Separately From Map Thumbnails

Idea created by dtostrander23 on May 8, 2014
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    All of my arcgis online maps when selecting them in collector look the same by default. This is because I choose to use the same basemap for all the maps. In arcgis online you can edit the thumbnail used to help users pick the map they are looking for. For instance, i have a wells applicaiton that I use collector for and I changed the thumnail to resemble a picture of a faucet and glass. Now users will know right away which map they need to use to collect wells data, just by seeing the thumbnail. Unfortunately, now that the thumnail has been set it is also showing the same picture of the faucet and glass in my basemap selector within the map. Now it doesn't make a whole lot of sense when wanting to select imagery as a basemap.

    My idea is to be able to customize the map thumbnail as well as the basemap thumbnails within the selector. This way I could see ESRI's standard set of basemap thumnails but also add my own basemap with a customized thumbnail. Ideally we could have customized thumbnails for both basemaps and the maps themselves. see example images below taken of my phone: