Study and Improve ArcMap Ergonomics

Idea created by MattWalsh on May 2, 2014
    We have several people that work on GIS full time, including myself, that are having some ergonomic issues. We've formed a team of GIS users to identify the scope of the problems, and try to identify solutions. As I work in ArcMap I see some areas that could be improved ergonomically. For instance to change the mask/halo for a layer label or for static text takes one double left-click and seven single left-clicks. That's just one small example. There are many other ways that ArcMap can be improved ergonomically. Do you know if ESRI has done any ergonomic studies or ergonomic optimization for ArcMap? It would be very valuable if ESRI hired an Ergonomics professional to observe GIS professionals and recommend improvements to ArcMap. Thank you.