ArcGISServerBase: base class for custom ArcGIS Server

Idea created by bsundsbo on Apr 30, 2014
    • bsundsbo
    I have a custom layer implementation that provide data to the map. Next, i need to implement similar functionality to what some of the tasks in ESRI.ArcGis.Client.Tasks does, but since these are sealed so that I can't override them. As a possible counter, what if you could provide a base class I could derive from that already has abstract methods for supporting the different operations provided by the ArcGIS Server REST API? Also, provide the types and serializers for json so I could parse and return the appropriate result.

    If we take this step even further, I could even implement my own ArcGIS Server Light that returns data from the datasource I would normally implement a custom layer to display, and use the existing ArcGIS*MapServiceLayer on the client, to support the functionality I might need. This way I could support all task types, implement tiled or dynamic layers, as well as a host of other functionality that I can't think of at the moment.