Label suppression for selectable layers

Idea created by MattSmith42 on Apr 27, 2014
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    When labelling using Maplex, I'd like to be able to suppress labels over a given layer in a map document. 

    At the moment I can only set a feature weight for a given feature. But if I'm given a contour dataset that overlaps a lakes dataset, I don't want to show contour labels over water.

    At the moment I've got two options:

    - Suppress all labels over the lakes. This doesn't work as I want to be able label my lakes and this option suppresses all labels over my lake polygons.
    - Clip out the contours over the lakes. This is time-consuming, especially on large datasets with LOTS of vertices.

    What I am thinking would be great is if in the Placement Properties > Conflict Resolution tab there was a check-box to suppress labels over given layers. This would then read in the layers from the Table of Contents and allow you to suppress for certain layers.

    I understand this will add to the processing time while labelling, but it gives the user flexibility.