Thanks for supporting multiple Windows AD domains, now let us select a default.

Idea created by conwaylw on Apr 22, 2014

    At 10.2, ArcGIS Server authentication now supports multiple Windows AD domains.  However, we only have one domain and it is cumbersome for users to enter Domain\User each time they log into secured services or otherwise connecting to ArcGIS Server.  (Try finding the backslash on an iPhone)  For various reasons we cannot use integrated Windows authentication on the Web Tier.

    It would be great if administrators could configure an optional "default" Windows AD domain prefix that would be be "prepended" to the user name so users would not have to type the domain every time.  This would mimic the functionality of 10.1 without compromising the ability to use multiple domains.  Even adding the ability for the server to recognize user@domain would be an improvement.  (For example, Outlook Web Access accepts all three login "styles".)

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Levin Conway