Esri  SAG Awards for Technical Professionals Around The world

Idea created by mousaem on Apr 16, 2014
    It will be greate if ESRI can provide awards for GIS Professionals around the world that have contributed and possess strong technical experience.

    This award will be received based on nominatiion either by ESRI, The Professional Himself, or his company.


    The criteria for this award, is that nominee should possess the following:


    Multiple ESRI Technical Certification.

    Engaged in ESRI community Through Conference Attending….etc

    Presentation Experience in GIS Symposiums.

    Engagement and activity in ESRI ArcGIS Forum Community to resolve technical problems for others.

    Listing Major GIS Projects  the candidate has participated in and or project managed it.

    Having this award will shedlight to Highly Skilled GIS Tecnical analyst around the world, and token of appreciation from ESRI toward those tehcnical analsysts.