suppress duplicate legends when displaying map services

Idea created by seancmulkey on Apr 15, 2014
    • seancmulkey
    • alexroma
    When displaying a map with a legend made of multiple layers as a map service, the legend is displayed for every layer. I would like to be able to supress the legends from all but one of the layers, since the layers have identical data in them. As things work currently, I get a legend for every layer, or no legend at all.

    For example:
    I have a map of 4 states, showing the soil types. Each state has the same 7 soil types. If I generate a map service and trigger the display of a legend, I will get 4 identical legends shown. This leads to a visually unpleasant map since space is being consumed on the map, and clutter added for no benefit. I would like to be able to indicate which legends I want displayed from the Table of Contents. I cannot merge the layers into a single layer, because each layer is very large due to polygon complexity; if merged the map would result inbe an unacceptably large file.

    This idea stems from my interaction with ESRI support -
     Incident # 1255287-Configure one legend for multiple  layers without merging all the layers into one.