Map Package to ArcGIS Online field errors not analyzed or even helpful

Idea created by rgrichards on Apr 14, 2014
    • rgrichards
    • mping
    • jstreeb

         It would be very helpful if the MapPackage to ArcGIS online option analyzed for Field Name issues and reported them back. Isn't that the purpose of the Analze function, review the map document for issues related to publishing?

         My map package is unable to be shared or saved and the tools are not very helpful. The dataset was an excel spreadsheet imported into a File Geodatabase. If it works in a File Geodatabase and Desktop shouldn't it work in ArcGIS Online or stand alone MPK?

         At the moment an error stating "The name of the Field is invalid: values names may contain letters, numbers or underscores."

         This is not very helpful to an end-user and does not state which feature class or field contains the issue. If the converted spreadsheet is working within ArcGIS desktop, why on earth would ArcGIS online not support it?