Let's not give up on disconnected geocoding

Idea created by ckofron on Apr 14, 2014
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    This is a plea to reinstate an up-to-date street dataset for the continental US.  I've heard enough about ArcGISOnline services.  There is a real need, requirement, business practice, whatever you want to call it, for batch geocoding using ArcGIS desktop tools, in a disconnected environment, with an up-to-date street dataset stored locally on a hard drive.  The processing of vital records, births, deaths, viral infections, disease incidence, and other administrative data all by address is typically protected information that cannot be shared or processed over an Internet connection. Some government interpretations of Hipaa rules simply do not allow raw data to be released or processed over an external network.  The $1000 lug for using NavTeq or Tomtom data may not be affordable to researchers or public agencies that rely on the processing of these data for planning and other administrative purposes,.