Network datasets for pipeline use

Idea created by elmeras on Apr 11, 2014
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                        Date entered: 2005 Note: For cross reference, this issue was logged as as ID=1192005 PUG1) Our current understanding is that this functionality is being developed primarily for the transportation industry. Network trace functionality similar to that provided for Geometric Networks is required for this technology to be of any use to the pipeline industry.2) Network Datasets must be wholly compatible with Topology feature classes. Feature classes participating a Topology feature class must also be able to participate in a Network Dataset. 3) Network Datasets must be wholly compatible with ArcSchematics2008 ESRI UC San Diego: ESRI said they haven't decided how to approach this - using geometric netowrks or networks - but they are leaning towards geometric networks.  A document is forthcoming from Pete Veenstra.