Case tools for Pipelines

Idea created by elmeras on Apr 11, 2014
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                        Date entered: 2005 Note: For cross reference, this issue was logged as as ID=1232005 PUG1) We need reverse engineering capabilities, either from geodatabase to XMI, or from XML workspace document to XMI.2) We need to be able to import XMI files into a UML CASE tool (Visio is preferred, but anything will do).3) We need to be able to evaluate the "delta" between a model (XMI or XML workspace doc.) and a geodatabase; we need to be able to capture the delta and import is back into a UML CASE tool. This is not so much for updating a geodatabase from a model (the Schema Wizard is sufficient for that), but rather for updating a model from a geodatabase.4) We need the ability to define spatial references in UML.5) We need the ability to define Topology feature classes in UML (and also Network Datasets when they become available).6) We need the ability to maintain descriptive metadata in UML and be able to automatically generate/update XML metatdata with the Schema Wizard2007 PUGA stop gap solution for this would be to show the difference between a model and a geodatabase, and that would be useful. It is unlikely that ESRI will ever support full conversion between models and geodatabases.