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Idea created by elmeras on Apr 11, 2014
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                        Date entered: 2007 PUG Usability List Session:The map cache can be useful for large extents with few features, and for small extents where there are lots of features.  However, some of the performance problems appear to be related to other issues such as the number of round-trips the application has to make to open or touch a file.   MXDs with lots of layers, even where most of the layers are turned off, can take a long time to open, and ArcCatalog is very slow in opening across a network with lots of hops.2008 PUG Usability List Session:ArcCatalog continues to be slow and we know it can be a pain  to browse folders so we are aiming to obsolete this issue in our future development plans. 9.3 has new option (ArcMap Tools > Options dialog General tab) so you can make the Add Data dialog not return to the last-used location the first time you launch it in a session. Don't forget that you can already do that to prevent ArcCatalog from reopening in the last used location (ArcCatalog Tools > Options dialog General tab. Make sure in that tab that you have also turned off the 'Use a special icon for folders containing GIS data' option. The ability to use a special icon is the great feature I designed some years back in ArcCatalog that really slows it down! At 9.2 we kinda quietly added an alternative Add Data dialog in ArcMap: see Tools > Customize dialog Generic category. This is actually the Add Data dialog from the Engine product and it bypasses the Add Data dialog/Catalog Browser interface and it doesn't respect the folder connections in ArcCatalog. You may find this faster than using the standard Add Data dialog. At 9.3 this alternative Add Data dialog includes the ability to connect to ArcSDE, which is the obvious thing missing in it in 9.2. Also do you know that you can drag/drop shapefiles and layer files from Windows Explorer into ArcMap (and at 9.3 you can double-click layer files in Windows Explorer to launch ArcMap (or add them to ArcMap if it is already running) so perhaps that will save you using Catalog for some things. For example in 9.3 you can drag drop LYR files into Windows Desktop and just double-click them whenever you want to add them into your map.