Need an Edit button for Joins and Relates of a layer

Idea created by elmeras on Apr 11, 2014
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                        Date entered: 2003Note: For cross reference, this issue was originally logged as OldNo=225 and later as ID=792004 PUGESRI Response (Feb 2004): We will consider these requirements for future releases (version 9.1 and beyond). We would like to gather some example use cases that illustrate the types of functions you need. In the meantime, there are some possible work-arounds:You can get the join information using ArcObjects code and the interfaces implemented by RelQueryTable (see the example in the IRelQueryTable interface in the ArcObjects help).There is no way to change the join parameters once the join is created, but you can use the properties of the existing join to create a new one and the drop the old one2007 PUG Usability List Session:ESRI recognized this as a deficiency in the application and will consider these requirements for future releases (version 9.3 and beyond). This spun off into a discussion of field selection controls on SQL and other dialogs and the inability to see the entire field name when they are long and fully qualified with schema.table.field syntax. ESRI promoted the new use of aliases in 9.2 and stated that horizontal scolls have been added to many controls. There seems to be some doubt that this is really present everywhere it is needed in 9.2.2008 PUG Usability Session:At ArcGIS 9.3 you can now see the properties of joins and relates in the Layer Properties dialog Joins and Relates tab. These can't be edited. See what you think in 9.3. We're reviewing whether to enable editing the properties. We've noted your request for this, and will review for 9.4 to see if other users are requesting this enhancement too. Rupert Essinger/ESRIESRI enhancement number: NIM032561 - CR68269 - UI: Allow users to edit the properties of existing joins and relates in the layer/table properties dialog Joins and Relates tab.Note: ArcGIS 9.3 includes some enhancements for the properties of joins and relates. Refer to page 30 of [ Whats New in ArcGIS 9.3]Brad Dean (Chevron) 26/7/08 - ArcGIS 9.3 has the ability to view the join and relate properties under the Layer Properties Joins and Relates Tab. This is a big improvement. However, we still can't edit the join and relate settings.  I don't think that this item can be closed at this time.
                        Fixed in 10.1. Closed per Scott Sitzman - 11/5/12