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                        Date entered: 2007    2007 PUG Usability List Session:   These issues relate to control over users" access: how to track it, how to check in. BP has some code that will ask users if they still want optional extensions checked out as they exit desktop applications. Then when they restart applications, they don"t get those they checked out earlier automatically. ESRI is looking at FlexLM alternatives, other technologies and broader requirements. They would like some use case scenarios. Shell volunteered to write a document on some of the issues with license manager. Shell:We had been suffering from stale connections accumulating on the license server. This would prevent us from geeting an accurate count of users and profile of utilization. This problem seems to have stopped. The issues outlined above where users needlessly or unknowingly check out extensions is still a problem. Request an update from ESRI on this issue. - Grant TuckerOxy:We at Oxy are also waiting for ESRI to upgrade their License Manager as it is a major hindrance in our management of ESRI licenses. See the Discussion Tab for more info. -Agustin2008 PUG Usability List Session: Thanks for the feedback in this area. Have you tried using the TIMEOUT parameter to repatriate orphaned licenses after a crash? At ArcGIS 9.3 we have upgraded to FLEXnet Publisher v11.4. This supports Vista, 64-bit Windows and Remote Desktop. Post 9.3 we are also looking into the following issues that you and others have found problematic. We can't confirm yet that we will be able to do these but will update the wiki if we can.NIM000862 - CR27927 - TIMEOUT can't repatriate inactive licenses NIM007536 - CR48504 - Provide the ability to check licenses in and out - BORROW feature.NIM032584 - CR16442 - Enhancement:  Users would like the ability for quitting an application to turn off licenses held concurrently so that when the app is launched again, it doesn't check out extension licenses that the user doesn't realize they have or want to have checked out.NIM035160 - CR74459 - Provide FLEXnet Manager to users along with the ArcGIS License Manager for usage monitoring and reporting. We are provisionally looking into FLEXnet Manager for use post 9.3.2008 ESRI UC San Diego: ESRI strongly recommends upgrading to FlexLM 9.3 (this upgrades through 7 Flex releases).  This  fixes lot of stuff with FlexLM - can use 9.3 license manager with 9.0, 9.1, and 9.2 ESRI software.  FlexLM for Linux available with 9.3 SP1.2010The new ArcGIS 10 license manager resolves some issues, but seems to have taken a step backwards with the new trusted storage scheme for managing licenses.  It would still be nice to have a .lic file as a backup.  It would also be nice to only acquire extension licenses as they are needed, not when the Desktop application loads.Note: Reassigned to category "Mapping" per Rupert Essinger's